catalyst recycling

Recycalytics, the catalyst recycling experts, pays top prices to recover Platinum Group Metal (“PGM”) values from your spent catalyst materials.

Recycalytics specializes in the difficult extraction of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) from both metal and ceramic substrate catalyst elements, square, round and ceramic monolith materials, diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and emission control devices.

Using a proprietary statistical model in which we use a sample of your material we rapidly and accurately determine the precious metal content contained in the substrate material. A purchase offer is then calculated based on prevailing world market prices for the precious metals.

As federal guidelines take hold and new regulations impose stricter air quality standards, Recycalytics returns value for your spent catalyst material.

With over seven decades of cumulative experience in the recycling of PGMs, we will evaluate your catalyst material rapidly, professionally and securely. And, we do it with a commitment to the environment and a commitment to you, our customer.

As a division of Metalico, Inc. (MEA), a publicly traded company on the American Stock Exchange, we have the footing and foundation to establish a reliable, long-term relationship.