cash for converters

Once you notify us that units are ready to ship, we coordinate pick-up of the material, at our expense, either directly or through our shipping partner. A shipping label and/or bill of lading are then forwarded. Oftentimes, we can provide pricing estimates even prior to shipping if you are able to provide us with part numbers and we have previously sampled the same unit. You would need to have the units packed and, depending on the quantity, palletized.

When the shipment arrives at our Elizabeth, NJ facility you will receive an email to notify you of the delivery.

We then get the load into process. This includes a full inventory and recording of the units as well as a determination of which units, if any, need to be sampled and assayed. This usually takes 7-10 business days.

Our purchase prices are dependent on:

  1. The commodities market (for the platinum group metals) and;
  2. The estimated recovery value of the refining process, which we can anticipate.

When all of the information is in hand, we prepare a detailed settlement sheet which includes an itemized list of the inventory, weights and values.

Assuming you are satisfied with the purchase price, Recycalytics then provides payment by check or wire transfer, depending on your instructions. If you are not satisfied, we will coordinate return shipping of the full load.

A small investment of your time presents an environmentally safe alternative to filling up landfills and it may just present nice financial returns as well.